Monday, March 29, 2010

My Realm of Papers, Inks and Ideas

I love and treasure every nook and cranny of our home simply because we collected a lot of happy memories over the last 5 years in this home . Because we are child-free {not by choice}, my dear hubby and I find ourselves spending a lot of time together in the kitchen experimenting new dishes, in the family room watching our favorite shows or singing on Friday nights, in our bedroom quietly recounting our days at work, in our home office comparing our work loads or even in the garden sipping a glass of wine while thinking of the next flowering plant to add to our tiny collection.

There's one room in the house though that I call my REALM of papers and inks, my BIRTHING ROOM of ideas, my NICHE. Hold on a sec, come to think of it I can't say it's completely mine because hubby insisted on adding a small lounge chair for him so he can just sit there to read a book or play with his camera when I am busy stamping or designing a layout.

Welcome to my world ....

This room used to be our 3rd guest room and we decided to convert it to my craft studio when we can't find enough space in our home office to organize the growing numbers of patterned papers, stamps, spools of ribbons and other tools.

This is the stamping area....

I'm always partial to blue, teal and white colors - they have a calming effect on me so if I'm buying something for this room, I keep these colors in mind.

My "techie and tools" desk....

 My hubby's corner....

 The small lounge chair we got on sale from IKEA almost 7 years ago is my hubby's little corner. During winter time, it's so comfy to just sit there with a thick wool blanket and hot chocolate while watching falling snowflakes on the window.

I've always wanted a space where I can draw, cut papers, glue things together, stamp or even just stare at colors until ideas are born. Nothing extravagant. Just something I can call "MY CRAFT STUDIO". Sounds nice. Looks nice {to me, at least}. Clean. Organized. It's my realm. Welcome.

Thanks for visiting.

Mei Ann


  1. simple, pretty and organized. :)

    {something i want to achieve in my own hobby room, sigh!}

  2. love the room!!so inspiring for creations!


Thank you for your sweet words.

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