Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Turning 42 on Canada's 142nd Birthday

I turned 42 today! I stared at the mirror longer than usual this morning looking for signs of "old age" and you bet there are plenty....
  • my laugh lines are more pronounced, which I guess represent the smiles and laughter I shared with family, friends and acquaintances all these years
  • lots of gray hair, nature's highlights I suppose
  • freckles I inherited from my beloved paternal grandmother are more visible giving me the pleasure and assurance that I will look like her 20 more years down the road.
It's not bad after all ...specially when I opened a couple of cards...
  • From my parents ..."for our wonderful daughter who is a golden ray of sunshine {are they referring to my graying hair?} and a world of joy and laughter {uh oh they are noticing my laugh lines too!}, you couldn't be loved more!"
  • From my hubby ... "some people have a wonderful way of bringing joy to others {there's another subtle mention of laugh lines}, you are on top of the list and I hope you know how much you are loved and cared about!"
Thank you Lord for blessing me with things that really matter! God is good ... all the time! Cheers!

On another happy note, as I celebrate my natal day, the entire nation is also celebrating Canada Day {oh yeah, there's always fireworks on my birthday!}. Like most Canadians, my hubby and I went to the local park and celebrate Canada's 142nd birthday.

Good, eh?

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