Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December Daily 2011 {foundation pages}

I gave in!

After "stalking" Ali Edward's December Daily for the last couple of years, I decided to take this project head on!!!

I don't have one of those 25-day-kit from Studio Calico but I guess I have enough materials from my stash to work on the foundation pages while I'm home nursing a fever.

To serve as my "GPS", I wrote down all our confirmed activities for the month which I expect to be the highlight of these noted dates.

and here's peek of my foundation pages....

The 25 days of collecting memories leading to Christmas start tomorrow.
Can't wait to make this album come to life.

Toast ... Orange Juice ... Snow

I stayed home today coughing so badly in between on and off low grade fever...

no appetite but this combination somehow made me feel better...

then I saw this from my bedroom window...

it went on for two hours and left a lovely landscape...

welcome back my "flurry" friends!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas is in the Air

Just Us Girls is hosting a challenge to create a set of cards with matching

packaging. Incidentally, I made 5 Christmas cards last Sunday

with one rule in mind: clean and simple.

The packaging is just a simple clear plastic embellished with

green paper and red ribbon to match the overall color scheme of the card set.

Enjoy the rest of your work week!

I have a full week ahead but I hope to squeeze in a couple of ours each day

to finish all my crafting to do list.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Gift

It didn't take me so long to get used to making cards again after more than a year

of "craftless" nights.

As soon as I opened my ink pads, took the stamps

from their cases, and smelled the comforting scent of cardstock,

creative juices started flowing and before I knew it,

I finished 6 different designs from six-thirty to eight this morning!

I ran out of time to take photos of the cards though.

Sunday is usually reserved for church choir, a lunch date with hubby

and cooking meals good for one week

{yeah, you read it right - with our busy

schedules at work, we will end up buying take outs

every single day if we don't do the cooking on Sundays}

Anyway, back to the cards ... it felt so good to be

stamping again.

After I finished all of them,

I tied a ribbon to the stack of cards as if they are precious


Well, they are!

A gift for me from me for finding my way back


.... it is so nice to be back!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Calm Before the "Storm"

I just finished sketching the designs of the Christmas cards and tags

I will start working on


Before I get to stamp, cut, trim, emboss, and make a "creative" mess

on my two desks,

I want to capture the the serenity of my room.

Papers and and tools will be scattered here and

there in a few more hours.

Who cares, that's why it is called


{defined as a room where you can make a mess and get paid}!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blessings and Thanksgiving

Give thanks with a grateful heart for

the showers of blessings we receive day after day!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our families and friends in America ....

{inspired by one of Dawn McVey's great designs}

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jane's Not So Secret Garden

Just want to share a couple of miniature gardens decorated by my


.... aren't they gorgeous?

Can't wait to do some projects with her as soon as I'm back in


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From the Tree to Afternoon Tea

Last weekend my hubby "harvested" the last batch of apples from our grafted-dwarf-apple tree in the backyard that gave us more than three dozens of juicy and plump red and green varieties {yes, all in one tree, how cool is that}!

As much as we enjoy eating the apples raw and crunchy, it was so hard to resist not to mix it with flour, eggs, butter, brown sugar and milk to make an apple turnover cake.

With a cup of freshly brewed tea, we had an instant afternoon tea delight!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I am BACK!

When I accepted a new job a year and a half ago, I knew there will be changes in my priorities. I knew that some of the things I love like blogging and crafting will take a back seat just for a while. But weeks turned into months.

Before I knew it, months turned into a whole year of work, travel, church choir and wife duties {yes, most of the time in that order, thank God I am blessed with a very supportive hubby}!

Good thing is, I truly enjoy my day job. I feel I have accomplished a lot in a span of 16 months. The traveling, although so tiring at times, is necessary and effective tool to be more efficient in my job.

However, a recent life-changing event made me realize life is too short to totally neglect "other" things that bring so much happiness and fulfillment in my life. If I want to do it all, I just to make time for these things.

A little bit of sacrifice here and a bit of reward there, I can be ME again - wife, marketer, "crafter", daughter, choir alto, sister, blogger and more in between! The order will change on a regular basis but always complete.

God is good ... all the time!
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