Friday, May 30, 2014

Project Life : Week Fourteen

Continuing with Project Life : Now on Week 14!

For this week spread, I used a couple means to write my journal. First, I made use of a blank wall space on the photo {1st photo below. When I was editing the photo, I was inspired by the glow from the lamp highlighting the blank wall so I used the space to highlight a thought.

On the second photo, I used left over strips of colored stock from a previous card project and took my forgotten old paper punch to embellish my otherwise plain journal card. Instantly, I have a matching journal cards from recycled papers!

What do you do if you have photos you want to include on your spread that are not picture perfect for some reasons? I have one here that I almost discarded - the photo has "accidental" photobombers☺. The easiest way to remove it is to cut the photo into a 3x4 size, but doing that will lose what I want to capture - the sweet treats I made for my friend's birthday. So instead of cutting, I edited the picture by adding the faded circle in apple green to cover the "bombers" and typed the event on it. I love how it turned out!

Have a fantastic weekend and capture those precious memories!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Where in the World : Eat, Shop, and Play at St. Jacobs Country

One thing I love about spring is the opening of Farmers' Markets in most rural towns. Last Saturday, the weather is perfect for an outdoor adventure so we drove to St. Jacobs Country, the home of Canada's largest Farmers' Market. As expected, farm-fresh produce from local and Old Order Mennonite farmers are bountiful and enticing for all types of foodies. 

For plants enthusiasts like my hubby, the market didn't disappoint - plenty of herbs and ornamental annual and perennial favorites as well as some rare species. 

Feeling hungry while shopping? No worries! There's a lot to choose from. Food booths are available inside the main market while food trucks are lined outside where picnic table and live music are provided.

See St. Jacobs Farmers' Market days and hours of operation here.

Not far from the farmers' market is the St. Jacobs village where boutiques, restaurants, cafes and specialty stores are located. The main street {King Street}is always busy with tourists and locals transported in the area by either modern vehicles or horse-drawn-buggies.

Before heading home, we passed by the historical West Montrose Covered Bridge {Kissing Bridge} crossing the Grand River. This bridge is the last wooden covered bridge in Ontario and one of the very few remaining in Canada. Always picture perfect!

Helpful Addresses:

  • St. Jacobs Farmers' Market { 78 Weber St. North Waterloo Ontario}
  • Timber Barn {8 Spring Street St. Jacobs Ontario}
  • West Montrose Covered Bridge - {Covered Bridge Drive West Montrose Ontario}
Have a safe trip!

Monday, May 26, 2014

It's the Time of Year ....

.... when the grass is green, the flowers are blooming and the trees are budding!

Working in the backyard in springtime is one of our favorite bonding moments. The last two weekends were no exception. We planted herbs and tomatoes, trimmed the shrubs, and pulled out weeds around the apple tree. We were also accompanied by a mama robin nesting in one of the pine trees and visited by a wild rabbit who made her hole just a few inches away from the apple tree.

This is our happy place, no doubt. But this spring is different .... there is a bit of sadness every time we spend time sprucing it  ... in less that two months, we will be in our new place in the countryside where we can plant to our hearts' desire. Although I am very excited about the move, I couldn't help the "separation anxiety" that hits me every now and then. I just hope the happy memories scattered to this space will forever feed the flowers and trees we nurtured  in this slice of paradise ..... 


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bites & Nibbles @ Tin Mill Restaurant

Victoria Day weekend is the "unofficial" start of Summer here in Canada - BBQing in the backyard, driving to cottage country, sprucing the garden and weather permitting, opening of restaurant patios. Hubby and I are looking forward to revisiting the patio at the Tin Mill Restaurant in Uxbridge.

The patio is overlooking a very lush garden and decorated with apple green cushions and large red and black umbrella - offering a very relax ambiance.  Just the place we are looking to spend a lazy Sunday brunch. The last time we were there, we feasted on something "healthy" - the mushroom tart is delicious - a perfect combination of saltiness of the goat cheese and tangy reduced balsamic vinegar. The poached eggs with spinach and tomato salsa was just OK - hubby liked it but not not for me.

I just browsed their 2014 brunch menu and the Samosa Galette Benedict garnished with chives might be worth the drive to Uxbridge!

Tin Mill Restaurant
53 Toronto St North

Tin Mill Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We are Selling!

It all started with a simple dream of living in the countryside with a little bit more land to plant herbs and fruit tress and maybe raise some chickens. Hubby and I hold on to that dream for a long time now until recently he peppered me with questions: "What are we waiting for? Why don't we make our dream a reality? If not now. when?" After due diligence {financial resources and all}, we made the decision to sell our beloved home in the suburb and create new wonderful memories in the countryside.

This house is home for me and hubby for almost 10 years now. I remember how excited we were when the house was being constructed. We drove to the site every week and watched the progress.

Our kitchen the heart and soul of this home. This is where we spent most of our waking hours inventing new recipes and enjoying delicious home-cooked meals with friend or just the 2 of us.

I will definitely miss the natural light in each of the 4 bedrooms.....

In the summertime, the backyard is our happy place! We shared this with lots of robins that built their nests here and there.

Selling this home is bitter sweet but we are hoping that a new family will be calling this house their home soon and they will create wonderful memories  here the way did!

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