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My name is Mei Ann, a pharmaceutical sales manager by day and domestic engineer {A.K.A. cook, cleaner, menu planner, laundry woman and everything in between} by night. My husband Jayvee is an Infection Control Practitioner and loves gardening and photography.

We were siting side-by-side on the couch sipping hot chocolate one very cold winter night in January 2009 when we both said "this is pure bliss"! That's when the idea of putting up a blog came about - capturing memories of simple things that make us happy - food, travel, hobbies {paper craft and photography for me and gardening for him} and the adventures{and misadventures} of keeping chickens in the backyard.

So, Pure Bliss was born....

Some random facts about us:

We recently moved from the suburb to the countryside and loving every minute of it! We raise 17 rescued chickens and a couple of lovely ducks, Katniss and Peeta.

We've been married for 16 years 17 years 18 years now after going steady for almost 10 years. We were both transferees in the same university: he came from a seminary where he initially wanted to become a priest while I am at a cross road where I want to pursue a life in the convent to become a nun. But obviously, God had something else in mind!

We migrated here in Canada from Manila, Philippines in 2001 in the middle of  a snow storm with a temperature of -21 degrees Celsius. The moment we came out of the airport's terminal building and felt the cold compressed our lungs into its minimum air capacity, we knew we will miss the 12-month-a-year sunshine in Manila!

Our idea of Saturday night date is watching Japanese anime movies {Hiyao Miyazaki's masterpieces in particular} while sipping Merlot or Pinot Grigio at home in our comfy pajamas !

Old souls, that's what we both are. We love everything old - from songs to furniture. We  have a hard time parting even with our old socks!

We try to save on a lot of things so we can travel. We started a tradition of walking along the famous streets of the city where we are at as long as our feet can bear. The longest ever was in London where we walked for almost 5 hours straight!

 When our days are through, we both wish that God will take us both at the same time ... because unlike Harry Potter and Lord Valdemort, "either  one of us CAN NOT live while the other departs"! :-)

Have a wonderful day!  
Mei Ann G.

*Thankful for things that truly matter*


  1. May I have your contact information? I would like to use one of your photos as book cover. It is the silhouette photo of a man walking his dog at sunrise.

    1. Hi Nathaniel ... thanks for visiting my blog. You can email me at mayannguerrero@yahoo.ca

  2. Wow! Simply magnificent... Thanks so much for sharing your ingenuity, Mei Ann. I could sit here all day reading your blog page. Best blog ever! You are a super woman (in a very elegant way!). I hope to drop by again sometime. God bless you and your passion. Much love to you and Jayvee. Wishing you a happy Christmas and all the best for 2016! Cheers!


Thank you for your sweet words.

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