Friday, November 21, 2014

All is calm .... all is {b}right

The morning after a snowfall is always a sight to behold. I love it when we were living in the suburb. Now, I love it even better here in the countryside. The stillness of  of the fields covered in white is calming to the soul!

The the midst of calmness, I can hear the soft whisper of cold breeze in the air ... and from a distance I can see home where the promise of warmth is waiting.

All is calm ... all is {b}righ!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

DIY {Do It Yourself} | Table Napkin Rings

Four of my dear friends came over this weekend for an afternoon tea. While I was preparing my tea cups and other tea paraphernalia the night before the intimate get-together, I realized some of my table cloth napkins and rings are still in moving boxes stored in the workshop. Instead of rummaging the boxes, I went to my craft room and make table napkin rings.

My design inspiration came from this table runner in our dinning room.... the subtle but elegant colour combination and the white snowflake on burlap canvass are just perfect for the table setting I have in mind.


6 strips of Burlap { 2 1/2 inches width x 4 1/2 inches length per strip}
6 white buttons
6 small snowflake wood chips
frosted faux tree branches (I took some from our Christmas tree decor bought from Dollar Store)
Paper towel tubes ( cut 6 pieces - 2 inches in length per piece)
Glue gun


1. Tore a couple strings off of each side of the burlap strip to create fringe
2. Wrap the burlap strip around the paper towel tube
3. Using a glue gun, attach both ends of the burlap strip.

4-6. Embellish burlap ring with frosted faux tree branches

7. Glue snowflake wood chip on top of the assembled tree branches
8. Using a strand of the burlap, tie a simple knot on the button.
9. Finish the napkin ring by attaching the button on top of the snowflake wood chip.

If I may say, I really like the way these rings turned out. I can use it throughout the Holidays and because of the snowflake embellishment, these napkin rings will be present on the dinning table this coming winter season!

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