Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Journey "Home"

It took 22 hours, a sunrise and a sunset .... then I am "home"!

It was dark in Manila when I came out of the terminal .... then in the crowd I saw my mom's and my sister's smilling faces..... I am "home".... for Christmas!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bites and Nibbles @ Forget About It!

Location : 325 King Street West Toronto
Cuisine : Italian

Last Friday hubby and I together with some of our close friends were invited to a dinner at a place called Forget About It! As a marketer, I will think a number of times before I would consider this name - no doubt the name is catchy but also very risky specially for a restaurant. I purposely did not read the reviews of this place prior to the dinner so I can see for myself why the owner took this risky name ....

The overall ambiance is welcoming. A long bar is the first thing you will notice when you enter the restaurant Since we were a big group we were given the cozy private lounge. Instead of ordering from the menu, our group took advantage of the 3-course-fixed menu for $25. I wasn't expecting much for 25 bucks but the food did not disappoint! The portions were just enough to fill a hungry tummy with flavours that truly  satisfy (the quinoa a-la risotto was really good) . Will I forget this place? Not at all! We had a lovely evening of good food and wine but MORE than that, it was an evening of long-lasting friendship and camaraderie.


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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

we (HEART} nature : Greenwood Conservation Park

After a busy month of work-related traveling, I finally got my groove back and return to routine at home sweet home! I don't know about you but no matter how beautiful the places I've seen in the last couple of months, there's nothing beats the security and comfort of our home - our entire neighborhood, if I may say.

Speaking of neighborhood, a visit to a local park this afternoon reminded us again why we chose to live in this part of town. A true slice of heaven on earth....

Five kilometers north of our home is Greenwood Conservation Park. - visited by locals for its hiking trails in the summer and trout fishing during springtime. Personally, hubby and I love this place during the fall when Greenwood turns bright with the hues of autumn!

The beauty of autumn is nature's way of saying "until next time" then it falls into deep slumber ....

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Monday, September 17, 2012

You are to me ...

..... everything there is to be.
.... more than words can ever say
.... the stars that shine in me.

I bless the day that you were born .... for me.

Happy birthday my man!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Bites and Nibbles @ Makimoto Japanese Restaurant

Location : 50 Kingston Road East, Ajax Ontario
Cuisine : Japanese and Sushi Bar

When the palate calls for some Japanese treats, Makimono (Ajax branch) is our go-to-spot here in our neck of the woods. We've been here so many times both for lunch and dinner since they opened a few years back and the sushi and sashimi are always fresh. They offer AYCE but we are always drawn to their bento boxes specially the grilled chicken and teriyaki beef. The garden salad that comes with the set lunch or dinner is served cold and crispy surrendering to the delicious and refreshing Japanese dressing. If I am craving for something fried, the gyoza is on top of my list. For something light but equally satisfying, the shitake udon on a cold winter night is just perfect!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Portraits of Summer

As a kid growing up in Manila, my mom will make the most of the summer months of March and April by feeding us with the fruits of the season: pakwan {watermelon}, mangga {maggoes}. milon {cantaloupe}, siniguelas {Spanish plum}, duhat (Java plum}, suha {sweet pomelo} and my favorite kaimito {star apple}.

 Unfortunately, most of these fruits are not available here in Canada but luckily, I can easily satisfy the cravings with what our Canadian farmers have to offer during the summer months of July and August. Hubby and I usually drive to the orchards in Niagara region to pick Ontario cherries and peaches ourselves. There's nothing more gratifying than eating these fruits right under the tree while looking up for the next one to pick. Ahhh, pure bliss!

I had the best fruits that south east Asia has to offer. I can't complain that I am now feasting on the north American fruits. They are totally different in tastes and textures but equally delectable!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Road Trip - {day 4} Baltimore, Maryland

On to day four of our annual summer road trip. After checking out from the hotel in Washington D.C. and loading the car with luggage and re-filling the cooler with ice, sodas and bottled water, off we go for an hour or so drive to Baltimore. We grabbed coffee and muffins on the way and resumed listening to Tess Gerritsen's "The Mephisto Club" audio book as miles passed by unnoticed.

Since it's a Sunday, our first stop was at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in downtown Baltimore. We proceeded walking north to Mount Vernon cultural district. If I have to visit only one place in Baltimore, this will be my choice! The 19th century architecture blended with modern business establishments and residences piqued my curiosity. We sat on one of the iron benches at the corner of Washington and W Madison streets and basked in the beauty of this urban site which was once home to F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Post, Duchess of Windsor -Wallis Simpson among others.

Completely opposite from the blast from the past scenery of Mount Vernon district is the vibrant and tourist magnet inner harbor on the south side of Baltimore.Here we had a relaxing lunch at J. Paul's before driving to our next destination .... Pennsylvania.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Bites and Nibbles @ Le Pain Quotidien

Location : 660 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington D.C.
Claim to Fame : Ogranic meals; artisan organic bread  
The long line at Market Lunch made this unplanned visit to Le Pain Quotidient possible. Aside from the fact that this place is the nearest to the Eastern Market where we already were, the omelettes served to the customers having alfreco brunch looked inviting. The first thing I noticed  inside the rustic-looking-restaurant is the long communal table made out of wood but be opted for a smaller and "private" table by the window {always a good source of natural light for my photos}.

Hubby and I both ordered the omelettes - Paris ham and gruyere for him and wild mushrooms and goat cheese pour moi. There's light and fresh green salad on the side which I enjoyed. The crusty and hearty bread were delicious with or without butter - I can have this as my "le pain quotidien"{daily bread} hands down! The omelettes were average so was the coffee. BUT the Noir, oh the dark chocolate spread available on each table with other jams for you to feast on was perfect! I am not usually a fan of chocolate but this one made it on my list.

Now for the not so good .... the service was sooooo slow. Don't get me wrong. We always enjoy a relaxed and unhurried meals specially when on vacation BUT to wait for our coffee for 20 minutes, another 40 minutes  for our food and yet another 20 minutes for a glass of water was a bit too much for a place that was not too crowded. If not for the long wait, the dining experience was truly nice.

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