Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bites and Nibbles @ Maimana

The medley of snow, rain and ice pellets falling from the sky during rush hour on Thursday afternoon made it impossible to go faster than 20 kilometers /hour. I was really anxious to get home - hubby and I made a date that morning - we will go out for a nice dinner and I promised to be home by 6:30. By the time I reached our drive way it was already 8 PM, I was tired, no more appetite for anything solid (I just want a  glass of Pinot Grigio) and definitely not in the mood to go out anymore. Jayvee on the other hand was excited to try a new restaurant on a small strip just near our place so I gave in and went to MAIMANA.  

When I read the word NAAN on the restaurant's sign, my appetite returned because I thought I am in for spicy Indian Cuisine. I was corrected by the friendly owner Wahlid {who is also a very good photographer - all the pictures on the menu and the framed photos in the restaurants are his}  who welcomed  and informed us that their family is from Maimana, a province in northern Afghanistan, near the Turkmenistan border.
Excited to have my first Afghani food, we sampled the Beef Tikka Kabob and Chicken Tandoori Kabob. The meal came with a fresh garden salad, "plain rice" and naan bread.


The meat (both chicken and beef) were succulent and delicious. I have to say  the chicken tandoori is one of the best (if not the best) I ever had. They call their rice "plain rice" on the menu but plain it was not. It was very good and tasty.  I can have it anytime even on its own. That naan bread was different from the Indian naan - this one was thicker and crustier but delicious as well. It was still hot when they serve it to us which made it more delectable.
After dinner, Wahlid gave us a sample of Ferni for dessert after learning that I love Kheer (Indian rice pudding). Ferni is an Afghani dessert made from milk and rice (or rice starch) flavored with rose water, cardamom and pistachio {the one we had was topped with walnut}. It was very light and silky - just a hint of sweetness and a subtle flavor of cardamom and rose water. A perfect way to end the meal.

As I am writing this, we are already planning my next visit to bring a couple of friends there for lunch. I want to try the Mantoo {steamed dumpling pastry shells filled with onions & ground beef, topped with yellow split peas & served with seasoned yogurt} and Boolani {pan-fried twin pastry shell, filled with leek (green onion) & spiced potatoes, served with yogurt and mint}.
Maimana is a true gem in our neck of the woods!

MAIMANA Naan & Kabab
    279 Kingston Road East
    Ajax, Ontario

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Project Life | Week Four

I was hoping for a single page layout to capture our Week Four Project Life but oh boy there's just too much things going on this week that I like to document. I was back in San Francisco for a Marketing conference for most of the week and hubby stayed home this time {no more time off from work for him at least until April!}. By Saturday I was so eager to be home and be a wife again :-).   

Every time I go to my craft studio to work on Project Life (which is usually late Friday night}, I am finding new ways to enhance my project. This week is mostly about keepsakes or mementos - like this trolley ticket and my ID during the conference. With Project Life, it is much easier to include items like these on the spread!


I can also use my acrylic or rubber stamps to embellish a photo.

Or create/design my own journal cards from my computer.


My favorite element of my Project Life is mixing traditional memory keeping with digital elements like this photo here...


Bites and Nibbles @ Congee King

One of my mom's recipes that was passed on to me and my sister is mom's version of Goto/congee (see recipe here}. It is delicious and a real comfort food. I don't mind the time it takes to cook it from scratch BUT if we are in hurry, I don't mind trying congee from Chinese restaurants.

I have been to Congee King in Scarborough area about three times - the menu has a bit of everything Chinese including dimsum {I prefer Rol San or Perfect for dimsum}. After trying some dishes, I'd stick to congee when visiting this place.

From this visit we tried the Super Congee Super Bowl - a huge portion with plenty of beef, pork, shrimps,octopus and fish balls toppings. There's also a raw egg on it adding flavor to the rice porridge.One large serving is good enough for 2-3 persons if not ordering anything else.

A congee food trip will not be complete without fried tofu so here it goes ... deep fried chili tofu - crispy, spicy and downright sinful!

4271 Sheppard Ave E 

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

On the {Right} Track

It was Sunday morning. The snow has stooped . Shades of blue started appearing in the sky. Too early to go anywhere so hubby and I walked along a trail leading to this train track .... so sturdy and strong amidst the soft and mushy snow .... just like the man beside me .... my strength in those times that I am emotionally and physically fragile....

Thank you Lord .... everyday is a blessing!

Photo Sharing with Our World Tuesday

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