Monday, April 30, 2012

For Mama

For mama who is celebrating her 65th birthday today,
we wish you good health and happiness today and always.
Love from all of us.

Week In The Life 2012 - Day 7 {Saturday}

Here we go ..... the last installment of my Week In The Life 2012 project. This is pretty much how we spend our Saturdays here at home sweet home.

Saturday is usually the day we ....

- catch up on sleep. {waking up @ 8:00 AM on weekends is a luxury we can't afford during weekdays}

- cook real breakfast, no make that elaborate breakfast.


- spend longer time in the powder room with a book or newspaper.

- do unwanted chores.

- replenish the pantry.

- run errands.

- try new restaurants.

- drive around.

- experiment/invent new recipe
{this one is a winner - cranberry and walnut couscous with oven roasted Filipino BBQ pork and chicken}


- watch a movie in the comfort of the family room.

It has been an exciting week of capturing our day-to-day life in photos. Looking at others' captured moments from all over the world doing the same project was definitely half the fun. We may be oceans apart and living in different cultures, we are  united by our desire to preserve at least a week of memories spent with our respective families.

Thank you Ali Edwards for sharing this project as well as your beautiful family to the rest of us.

God bless everyone! Until next year!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week In The Life 2012 - Day 6 {Friday}

It is day 6 of my Week in the Life project and Friday means .....

.... jeans-to-work-day.

.... everything-looks-bright-and-sunny day

.... calorie-laden-breakfast day

.... have-lunch-anywhere-other-than-the-office-lunchroom day


.... window-shopping-day

.... anything-goes day

.... open-a-new-bottle-of-wine-day

.... create-our-own-tapas-bar-at home day.

My kind of day, really!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Promise of Spring

"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot stop Spring from coming." - Pablo Neruda

Week In The Life 2012 - Day 5 {Thursday}

Already on day five of Week In The Life project and the ladies who are participating the fun with Ali Edwards completing this project will agree that days seem to pass by quicker than usual.

Here's what I captured from my Thursday - what I love and hate about it ....

I love wearing dress in the office but I hate the process of choosing which one.

I love going to the office everyday but I hate being the first one to arrive.

I love cream cheese on cinnamon bagel but I hate it when I forget to eat it because of meetings.

I love market analysis but I hate working with numbers.

I love talking to my hubby at lunch time over the phone but I hate waiting until 6 PM to see him in person.

I love being busy and productive at work but I hate bringing work at home.

I love April showers but I hate the traffic that goes with it.


I love driving my car to work but I hate the unprecedented cost of gasoline.

I love the promise of sunshine but I hate dark clouds that threaten a nice al fresco dinning.

I love cooking dinner but I hate washing the dishes.

I love Chinese cuisine but I hate the calories!

I love ending my day with a glass of  a good red wine ... I can't think of anything I hate about it.

Have a great day *-*!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Week In The Life 2012 - Day 4 {Wednesday}

Everyday, the Week In The Life Project is a revelation. I find meanings in things that I normally consider mundane.

When I was looking at the photos I captured today, I realized that things are somewhat opposite, as if telling me that life is about balance. Giving out and taking in.

Just like so ...

... before sunrise

... before sunset

... breakfast

... dinner

... essential

... optional

... beginning

... ending

... for body nourishment

... for mind nourishment

... ME time

...WE time.

Thank you for visiting.

Mei Ann

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week In The Life 2012 - Day 3 {Tuesday}

Today is about ....



CHOICES. {his}

 and {mine}







FAMILY {no matter how small}


"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. And the other is as though everything is a miracle". I choose to believe in miracles. It made me appreciate things {big or small} better.

Mei Ann

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