Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thank You Teachers

Another school year is about to end. It's the time of the year when parents express their gratitude to the all the teachers who mentored their children. Not having kids of my own didn't stop me for making this "thank you" card for a teacher. I was out with my best friend Tey last Saturday and she was looking for a gift for Bea's teacher so I volunteered to make the card to go with the gift.

How I wish I can make cards like this during my school days. I would love to give it to my 2 favorite teachers ... Miss Lucia Mateo, my Religion teacher and Miss Dolly Soriano, my Pilipino teacher and fourth year adviser. They influenced by formative years and thought me not to be afraid to follow my dreams. In their loving hands, I am a clay. With the patience of a potter, they both honed me to be the best I can be. Thank you so much my dear teachers. I hope I gave justice to your teachings ....


Mei Ann

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