Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Gift

It didn't take me so long to get used to making cards again after more than a year

of "craftless" nights.

As soon as I opened my ink pads, took the stamps

from their cases, and smelled the comforting scent of cardstock,

creative juices started flowing and before I knew it,

I finished 6 different designs from six-thirty to eight this morning!

I ran out of time to take photos of the cards though.

Sunday is usually reserved for church choir, a lunch date with hubby

and cooking meals good for one week

{yeah, you read it right - with our busy

schedules at work, we will end up buying take outs

every single day if we don't do the cooking on Sundays}

Anyway, back to the cards ... it felt so good to be

stamping again.

After I finished all of them,

I tied a ribbon to the stack of cards as if they are precious


Well, they are!

A gift for me from me for finding my way back


.... it is so nice to be back!

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