Friday, August 10, 2012

Road Trip - {Day 2-3/Part Two} Washington D.C.


After buying our metro day pass we went straight to the Eastern Market station for brunch at Market Lunch. I read so much about this place and wanted to try it out.... unfortunately the line was soooo loooong! The only communal table was full of foodies like ourselves so decided to try Le Pain Quotidien located along Pennsylvania Ave. SE, just a few steps away from the market. Once fueled with organic meals, we resumed exploring the city, visiting museums, and just people watching at Dupont Circle.

When our feet felt like lead after hours of walking under the blistering DC sun, the hotel pool was the place to be! Ahhh, pure bliss!

Before a nighcap, we walked along the upscale neighborhood of Crystal City in Arlington where one can see from a distance the spectacular view of the nation's capital. As described by Dan Brown in his best selling novel, The Lost Symbol :  

"even from the air, Washington D.C. exuded an almost mystical power".

I couldn't agree more.  

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