Friday, February 20, 2015

Winter Home Decor Vignette @ Birdsong

This post is not about how cold it is in our neck of the woods {although I am freezing right now!}. I am not going to complain {although I am tempted to!} about the amount of snow we have. Suffice it to say that everywhere I look from every window and door inside the house to the outside, everything is white! Look, even the bird house entrance is blocked by snow.

Yes, it's that time of year between the thick of winter and early spring. Decorating the interior of the house can be tricky. Its too early to bring out the bunnies and pastel coloured wreaths but a little depressing for silver and greys that I used during the holidays. Why not let the grey and silver stay for a while and embellish with some colours here and there without breaking the bank,

Welcome to Birdsong in the Winter/pre-Spring time .....

The Birdsong Parlour ..... this room is bright and airy during the day then dramatic as the sun set in the afternoon .... I kept most of the holiday decor to match the white snow covered bushes outside visible from the windows.

I added pillows, throw blanket, ceramic bird and even books and magazines in matching white and teal colour combination for pre-spring feel....

The Birdsong library/lounge area ... this room is rich with dark oak wood where my hubby and Muning (out princess cat} like to hang out by the fire. This is the place where we put out feet up in our jammies, read books and have tea. I am dying to paint the wood white but my hubby begged to leave this one as is .... he didn't say I can change the decor every now and then so I did!

I used white, apple green and dark wood colour combination in this room to give it a warm feel in contrast to the dark oak panels. I covered some books in white toile paper I got from my craft studio.

Fabrics are also part of the winter/pre-spring decor in this room ....

Finally, true to my decorating style of bring the outdoors in, I used firewood and birch tree barks to embellish some corners of the house to remind us how beautiful winter is. I also brought in abandoned nests which I painted in white as a reminder that spring will soon sprung.


Seize the season!

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