Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DIY Project | Aged Bird Cage

Don't you just love doing crafty things outside the house when the sun is out and the breeze gentle? Oh, I do! While hubby was busy dismantling an old goats' playground on the west side of our property {that part of the land will be converted to a floral garden, good luck to us!}, I was on the other side trying to "aged" this wood bird cage. I had this for more than 10 years so its old but I want to give it a new look to make it look older {if that make sense}!

I spray painted it white all around and let it dry completely. 

It actually looks nice when the paint dried so I took the cage inside our lounge area for a "look test" {left photo}. 

But the photo on the right is what I have in mind : something old and organic. So I took some of hubby's grain paper and sanded the white paint randomly.

After 15 minutes of sanding to my heart's content here is the finished product ....

An English Ivy plant and a couple of salt and pepper bird shakers complete the project. Definitely a "new" look with an "old" charm!

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