Saturday, May 23, 2015

For the Love of Lilacs {How to Keep Cut Lilacs Last Longer}

Some people wait for certain season so they can indulge in their favorite seasonal sports or activities. As for me, I anticipate each season because of the flowers that bloom on certain time of the year. My spring is always highlighted by none other than lilacs. Although I appreciate the beauty of other spring flowers like sakura (cherry blossoms), tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, there is something about lilacs that make my heart sing. Its sweet fragrance reminds me so much of Sampaguita flowers from my beloved Philippines. 

In our previous home, my hubby planted a lilac bush for me (the Tinkerbell variety, here) which produced lovely flowers for 9 years. I was so sad to leave our lilac tree behind when it was time to move to the countryside. Imagine my surprise when I realized there are 13 {yes, 13!} lilac trees planted throughout the property of our new {old} home.

This is our first spring at birdsong {that's the name we gave our home} so when all the lilacs started blooming a week ago, everyday is like my birthday. These gorgeous flowers greet me every morning from our bedroom window and at night, we could smell its distinct lovely scent while we watch the sunset from our backyard deck. Simply divine!

Currently, we have 4 different varieties {photos below}: "Beauty of Moscow ", "Sensation", "Japanese Lilac" and  "Lavender Lady ". All of theme are equally gorgeous but I find the "Beauty of Moscow" has the sweetest scent. 

Unfortunately, lilac flowers last for only 2 weeks on the tree {cut flowers usually last for 3 days} Every year, I could not resist bringing some cut flowers inside the house to enjoys its scent and beauty even when I am indoor. Here are some tips from my favorite Doc Lilac to make the cut flowers last a little bit longer.

Using a sharp pruning scissors, cut/harvest the flowers early in the morning or late in the day as mid day heat will wilt them. 

As soon as you've cut the flowers, immediately plunge the stems into lukewarm water that has flower preservative in it.

Take off all foliage. If you leave the foliage on, the nutrients from the water will go to the leaves rather than the buds. {If you want foliage, cute separate stems of leaves and place those in the water.}

Then enjoy!

The "Lavender Lady" is now the centre piece of our dinning table .....

A combination of "Sensation" and "Beauty of Moscow" grace the spring table in our parlour ....

And a bunch of "Beauty of Moscow" add freshness in the powder room ...

Indoor and out, my heart sings with joy ..... if only you can last longer ....

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