Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Small Town Love | Port Perry Chili Cook-Off

One of the perks of living in small town is the many "festivals" or celebrations organized for the entire community. We always find something to celebrate that people come to. Last Sunday, hubby and I went to the Chili cook-off in downtown Port Perry where local restaurants presented their special chili recipes. Patrons {young and old, boys and girls, meat-lovers and vegan too} lined up in various tents to sample various flavours of chili. I saw chocolate-chipotle chili, beer-flavoured chili, authentic Mexican chili, and vegan-friendly chili among others.

Aside from chili, there is something for everyone : buskers, animal petting tent, street shopping and pumpkin painting.

Fall bouquets, canned goodies, mums and pumpkins are everywhere! One this is sure ... Fall is just around the corner!


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