Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Woodland Christmas Centerpiece

Back in August, one of our 8-year old pine trees fell after a freak storm. I felt really bad about it and couldn't bear the thought that the once beautiful tree will rot and will be gone forever. I asked my dear hubby to save the tree trunk for my future projects - that way, the tree will still be with us even in different forms.

Last weekend, an idea popped up in my head when we were blanketed with thick fog surroundings suddenly became an enchanted woodland! 


I requested dear hubby to cut the trunk that the saved for me, I fetched fresh pine branches and rummage through my Christmas ornament boxes and viola ... my Woodland Christmas centerpiece was born!

The left side of my woodland spread highlights my favorite decor ever -  abandoned bird's nest which I collect from our front and and back yards every fall. I also included a scene with reindeer and chipmunks who love to make their summer "houses" near our chicken coop. All the elements are elevated using the cut pine wood trunk in various heights.

The centre of the spread is of course my Nativity Scene which I arranged on a cheese board with glass dome. It is elevated by one of the cut pieces of our fallen pine tree. I also added a vixen and her baby nestled under a wooden tree and created a "bonfire" using twigs and small battery operated candle.

On the right side, I created a scene highlighting my beloved chickens and their coop.

Wherever we are - the woodland, the countryside, the city, dessert or sea, may the true spirit of Christmas be always in our hearts!


  1. Beautiful centerpiece Mei Ann. It's all so interesting and I love the varying heights that the wood adds.

  2. Love this - all the wood is fantastic - bringing nature indoors is my favorite thing. I also live in the country and I'm always seeking neat find to incorporate indoors. Enjoyed!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green


Thank you for your sweet words.

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