Thursday, March 17, 2016

DIY | Lemon Grass and Sugar Bodyscrub

As we usher spring, the hard but rewarding prep-work in our vegetable and flower gardens started last weekend. Also, hubby and I started preparing the coop and the chicken garden in anticipation of the arrival of 10 new pullets to add to our growing family.

After the hard work, there's nothing more relaxing than a hot shower punctuated by a body scrub using my homemade Lemon Grass Sugar Body Scrub .... ah pure bliss!

Since I discovered the wonders of natural pure essential oil and a little help from my kitchen supplies, I have been mixing my own body care pampering essentials like bath salts (find the post here), body scrub and lip exfoliant. True, you will be investing a little amount of money when you buy your pure essential oil but a small bottle goes along way. In the end, you will still save compared to buying expensive commercial body scrubs. You can also use the same essential oil to make bath salts, room/pillow spray, massage oil. etc.

Body scrub basically contains 3 components : body oil, raw exfoliant and essential oil. To be honest, essential oil in body scrub is optional {first 2 ingredients are a must} but, since I am making something to pamper myself, the scent of essential oil is bliss!

Body oil : the most commonly used oil in home made body scrubs are olive oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba wax, sweet almond oil, rose hip oil and avocado oil. These oils vary in prices, thickness and access. Personally, during winter, I prefer grapeseed oil because its great for repairing broken skin cells (particularly on my heels} and its great for rejuvenating the skin. Its light smell does not overpower my essential oil. Some find its consistency too thick. Again, its a matter of preference and budget too.

Raw Exfoliant : you have all of these in your pantry! Salt, sugar and coffee. Again, the choice is depending on a number of factors - roughness, time to dissolve in oil, and which part of the body you are going to use it. Sea salts tend to be rough for those who have sensitive skin but it is a great exfoliant specially for the knees elbows and feet. Sugar is best for those with sensitive skin. Although softer that sea salts, it still an excellent tool to remove dead skin. Remember, granulated sugar is softer that coarse sugar. So if you are using it for your face, avoid coarse sugar. I prefer Turbinado Sugar for my body scrub. Also, bear in mind that sugar tends to dissolve easily in oil, so don't make a big batch if you don't intend to use it often. I don't like to use coffee for the simple reason that it leaves a mess n my tub.

Pure Essential Oil : some of my favorites that I have in my stash are lavender, mandarin, vanilla, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and lemon grass. I either use it as a single scent or combine two scents together. Buy in reputable stores.

Just want to share this tips I read regarding essential oils :
  • Do not apply directly to skin. They are highly concentrated and can irritate skin and cause rashes.
  • Buy essential oils that come in dark bottles. This will prevent oil from direct light/sunlight exposure. It guarantees longer shelf-life.
  • Use only a few drops. You just want its mild scent and not an irritant to your nostrils.
  • There are some oils that pregnant women should avoid. Consult your physicians before using any oil while pregnant.

For this particular body scrub, here's how I did it.

1 cup Turbinado Sugar
1  cup grape see oil
4 drops lemon grass essential oil

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix well
Store in glass containers { essential oil will damage plastic and metal changes the the properties of the oil}

To Use
Take a small amount of the scrub with a spoon
Rub all over your body which special attention to areas like feet, knees and elbows
Let it stand for 3 minutes
Rinse off and pat dry with towel

Remember to pamper yourself once in a while! You deserve it!

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