Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hotel Treasures

My job entails some traveling and staying in different hotels from a couple of days to a week. One of the perks I truly enjoy while staying at hotels, aside from not making my bed every morning :-), are those tiny bottles of hand lotion, bath salt, shampoo and conditioner perfectly put together in the shower room.

{here are some of my stash}

I know its odd but I care about the quality of these small "hotel treasures" than hotel beds!

And yes I take them home {don't you?}. It's not a crime ... unless you are taking the soft terry bathrobe too {insert wink here}! Here's what I make out of these little treasures:

I put them in a pretty mesh pouch,

make a "welcome guest" card,

and voila ... I have an elegant and very practical
welcome gift for our overnight guests!

I usually place the goodies on the bed in the guest room with a couple of books and magazines before our guests arrive. I tell you, they never fail to make our families and friends feel so welcome. So, on your next trip, don't ignore these little treasures! You paid for them ... take them home (just leave the robe OK) and be creative!

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  1. guilty! i do that, too. and no, it's not a crime, cause it's part of the hotel bill, di ba? hahaha. i like the hotels that have aveda and neutrogrena products. another confession - i also bring home the coffee....

  2. I love collecting those too... but use a basket. I like your idea much better!

  3. I leave soap and chocolate on the pillows...but your idea with the Basket is wonderful..
    Nice to meet you on Canadian Carnival of bloggers.
    connie paxman


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