Monday, February 16, 2009

Trading Places

In our household, there's no doubt I'm the cook and Jayvee's the handyman. But yesterday we just found ourselves 'trading places'.

It all started with the cardboard storage boxes we bought from IKEA. If you are a fan of this store you know very well that every package comes with the wordless instruction sheet which I love to hate { can I use love and hate in one sentence?} and several little knots and bolts. I'm not usually good at following IKEA's instructions :-( but this time I'm determined to make these pieces of cardboard nothing but the same cute little boxes I saw on display!!!

After a couple of hours, I made it! Woohoo! I assembled
8 of these for my craft studio......

While I was so engrossed playing Bob the Builder in our home office,
my husband
was in the kitchen trying to be "Chef Mario Batali"!

And look what he made us for dinner .... yum-O!

The end. Chow!

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