Thursday, April 22, 2010

14 Years After .... Still a Fairy Tale

It started as a teenage wish of marrying a prince :-). God knew better and gave me a simple but a kindhearted man instead.

We don't have a castle but we have a HOME. We don't have little prince nor little princess but we have EACH OTHER. We don't have treasures but we have GOD in our midst. We don't a kingdom but we have LOVE greater than our hearts!

14 years after, it's still a fairy tale of wedded bliss!

Thank you my "prince" for 14 wonderful years.

{Pattered Paper from Kiki Art}

You complete me in ways I didn't even know existed.

... and we live happily ever after!

I heart you,
Mei Ann


  1. congrats to you and hubby! :) that is def a wonderful accomplishment.

    LOVE the card. cuuuuuuuuute cuuuuuuuute and more cuuuute! :)


  2. i really adore your card and LO.. congrats to both of you! What a wonderful journey of love :)

  3. fantastic card! Congrats to you and your husband!
    -Tammy Kiki-Art DT


Thank you for your sweet words.

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