Sunday, April 11, 2010


I bought this cute pin cushion {I named her LBD as in Little Black Dress} about 2 years go when my hubby got me a sewing machine for Christmas. Since I don't spend much time sewing {this must change because I need new curtains for summer!}, my LBD ended up as knick-knack on top of my stamping area. Until recently ....

.... I started pinning LBD with reminders of card orders, challenges deadlines and sketches that I find interesting.

From just a knick-knack to something useful! Next week, I'll dress her with fuchsia post it ... she'll love that color!

Happy Sunday,

Mei Ann


  1. Wow Mei-Ann, it's been more than a year (i guess) since you told me to check your blog which you were just starting at that time. Look how great, magnificent, amazing, etc..(and all the other superlatives to describe how impressed I am) is now!



Thank you for your sweet words.

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