Monday, December 12, 2011

A Diorama and A List

December 8 - DIORAMA

One of the holiday traditions I look forward to when my sister and I were still little girls is the annual visit to C.O.D. department store in the heart of Manila. I remember a lot of people, young and old from near and far would travel to see the life-size-automated-musical-Christmas decorations built at the entire facade of the building. My Papa and Mama would bring us there at night time to better appreciate the lights and colors. I can't forget how beautiful they were and we would talk about it for days!

I can't find anything like that from our neck of the woods here in Canada but there is the annual Christmas Diorama at the Bay Shopping Mall in downtown Toronto that my hubby and I visit every year. It's not the same, but still magical anyway....

December 9 - LIST

It's the 9th of december already and I have not done any shopping yet! With so many year-end reports and presenations to finish plus the left and right dinner invitations, choir practices and personal errands, time is not my friend lately.

I manage to finish one thing though.... made the LIST and checking it twice....

I used a small craft bag for my journal and date page.

The colorful gift cards are sort of reminders where to get the gifst I want to give so I used these cards I got from shopping malls from previous year.

Hope to get shopping done pretty soon!


  1. You have managed to pack in a lot of pictures and still keep your design looking so clean. Love that. Very nice.

  2. WOW!!! Your December Daily is awesome! I love how you've been able to include so many little details into your pages :)
    Merry Christmas from New Zealand


Thank you for your sweet words.

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