Saturday, March 16, 2013

Seeing Rouge in Grey

When hubby and I arrived here in Canada 14 years ago, Montreal was our first home. We lived there for 3 years and we both fell in love with vieux Montreal. So, on my recent business trip to Montreal in late November, I was able to squeezed in some time visiting this old and beautiful part of the city.

It was grey and very cold - but that did not stopped me to grab my camera and put on my heavy coat and comfy boots very early in the morning. I wanted a quiet time - just me, my camera and the cobbled steps in this part of town. Don't get me wrong - I love old Montreal any time of the day but I've spent most of my time here during the busy hours where the town is alive with excited tourists, locals minding their businesses, restautants filled with hungry foodies eager to sample Montreal's finest cuisine, and oh the night life - that is a different story all together!

But today was a total contrast - the streets are deep in slumber, still recuperating from previous night's revelry. Most of the establishments were still close except for the boulangeries selling freshly-baked baguettes and pastries {this alone justified my being out on this very cold day!}. The silence was punctuated by the sound of the horses' hooves carrying the caleche - preparing for the busy day ahead.

From rue Saint Denis, I walked further south until I saw one my favorite places on earth. Looking down at the bottom of this hilly street, (along rue Saint Paul} there stand the Notre-Dame-de Bon-Secours chapel - so quaint as usual but always welcoming.

Yes, it was grey and cold but this part of the world will always be RED  and vibrant in my eyes!

Je me souviens .....

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