Sunday, April 14, 2013


We just had snow and ice storm a couple of days ago. Some are saying that summer will just be a dream this year. I am not taking my chances ... I have completed my list of things I intend to do this summer .... hot and sunny or otherwise, I am so ready for summer!

1.  Plant lavender in the backyard.
2.  Throw at least 2 afternoon BBQ parties
3.  Play beach volleyball
4.  Take a road trip to Chicago
5.  Design 10 various occasions greeting cards
6.  Sleep in a tent
7.  Attend food festivals
8.  Try/invent new recipes
10. Bake bread
11. Go to Ottawa for the tulip festival
12. Learn a new contemporary Christian music
13. Read 5 books
14. Donate to food bank
15. Indulge in a couple's massage at St. Anne's Spa
16. Have an afternoon tea for two
17. Go to a flea market
19. Try a new tea flavor
20. Put on nail art

May the force be with me!

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