Friday, July 26, 2013

Whitby Ribfest

One of the things I wrote on my 2013 Summer Manifesto is to go to food festivals. With so many personal and business commitments lately, I missed a couple of good food festivals already.  When we got back from Chicago, the Whitby Ribfest was in full swing on a cloudless blue sky - so off we go!

The last time we atteneded a ribfest was in Markham 3 years ago and we had ribs from Uncle Sam's BBQ of Albuquerque, New Mexico. There were a lot of choices this year and my hubby {who  has a long standing love affair with BBQ ribs} had a hard time choosing which one to try  ( there he is in white shirt and dark sun glasses seriously inspecting the "credentials" of  various concessioners.

He ended up lining for Sticky Fingers BBQ  - the ribs were tender and moist, the sauce was delicious {not too sweet}.


Who can resist this old fashioned soda dispenser? Root beer, oak beer, butter beer ....

Ahh .... pure bliss!

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