Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Feathered Guests

For 3 years in a row, every spring, we find birds nesting in one of our trees in the backyard or the pine trees on the front porch of the house. Every year, we look forward to hosting them. We feel like having guests staying for a short period of time. They don't ask much - just a safe place to build their "home" and some peace and quiet time while "mom" and "dad" tend to their eggs (and eventually, chicklets).

May 8 - Hubby and I noticed a robin flying in and out from one of the pine trees on the front porch. We knew right then that our guests have arrived. We named them - The ROBINsons.

May 9 - Armed with a camera, we waited for Mrs. ROBINson to fly from the pine tree. Hubby and I took a peek. Voila - there on a sturdy but soft nest are The ROBINson's four gorgeous eggs!

May 18 - Hatched! the 4 chicklets looked so fragile and "raw" with faces that only their mama and papa could love ;-).

Week of May 18 - the feeding frenzy begun. The devotion of Mr. and Mrs. ROBINson was a sight to behold. Days and nights, rain or shine, they came bearing live worms to feed the chicklets. At one point my hubby wanted to dig some worms too so he can help with the feeding. The chicklets have insatiable appetite!

May 25 - All of a sudden they seemed so big for their nest. They begun to recognized movements and were curious. Not fully covered with feathers but starting to show characters.

May 29 - They were just simply gorgeous! Still hungy all the time and were starting to spread their tiny wings. They were always posing for me and my camera every time I visit!

June 1 - I checked the nest first thing in the morning because I knew it won't be long until they can spread their wings and fly. True enough, the nest was already empty! I wasn't expecting all of them to be gone at the same time.

Hubby said : "They won't leave without saying goodbye. Let's look around and find them."

And then we found them, one by one ..... all of them in the backyard .... minding their own business .... with Mr. and Mrs. ROBINson observing their chicklets nearby .... as if telling us not to worry, they will be OK!

As I post this, there's a new nest in the backyard. We saw 2 eggs this morning - our next feathered guests just checked in!

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  1. The sequence of the nest, eggs, chicks is precious! Thank you for joining in 'Rurality Blog Hop #23' Hope to see you next Wednesday for #24...


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