Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Project Life | Week Four

I was hoping for a single page layout to capture our Week Four Project Life but oh boy there's just too much things going on this week that I like to document. I was back in San Francisco for a Marketing conference for most of the week and hubby stayed home this time {no more time off from work for him at least until April!}. By Saturday I was so eager to be home and be a wife again :-).   

Every time I go to my craft studio to work on Project Life (which is usually late Friday night}, I am finding new ways to enhance my project. This week is mostly about keepsakes or mementos - like this trolley ticket and my ID during the conference. With Project Life, it is much easier to include items like these on the spread!


I can also use my acrylic or rubber stamps to embellish a photo.

Or create/design my own journal cards from my computer.


My favorite element of my Project Life is mixing traditional memory keeping with digital elements like this photo here...


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