Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Project Life Tips : Creating Cards and Inserts Using PicMonkey

Now that I am officially "addicted" to Project Life, I have my share of PL cards/inserts from different designers or companies. I am not a hoarder ... yet ... because I only buy what I will use for sure. However, there are instances that I need a specific design to complete a spread but I don't have the appropriate card or insert for it. In cases like this, I find PicMonkey Photo Editor VERY useful!

It is so easy to create cards using this application and it's FREE! There are also lots of  easy to follow tutorials available in the net. All you need is your imagination! Here are some card I designed...

I make 2 different 3x4 designs in a 4x6 template.Then I print them as I print my photos and voila! Here's how the cards look on my spread ....

Have fun creating!

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