Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Taming a Kitten : Meet "Muning"

I first saw her {or him - well I don't know yet so lets just say she is a female} on September 17 {my hubby's birthday} curled up on our front porch. From afar I was debating if it was a small raccoon or a ball of grey yarn. It was definitely not a yarn because I don't knit so it must be a raccoon! Then she sensed my presence and turned around, saw me then ran and hid under the porch. It was a kitten! A beautiful grey with black and white highlights kitten!!!! Oh those wide round eyes - it was love at first sight for me so I tried to call her for several minutes she but didn't come out. I left a bowl of warm milk on the porch and I went back inside patiently and quietly peeking from the glass door to see if she's coming back.  

It took several minutes before she came out from her hiding place under the porch and nervously drank the milk. At first she was trying to figure out what the white liquid was but decided to have at it when she tasted it.  After her meal, she saw me staring at her and she hid again. From the glass door, I saw that she has to tag on her neck.  We are surrounded by farmland and our nearest neighbor is at least a kilometer away and I know for sure that they don't own a cat, much more a kitten. Hubby and I assumed that she got lost and somehow found her way here at home. Since then, we have been feeding her with cat food {appropriate for her age} and milk every morning and before we retire at night and we would watch her from the glass door {like proud parents looking at the nursery glass widow}while she eats her food. 

It's been a month now and she gained weight! She now knows my voice {I will meow and she will answer back} and will not run like she did in the past as long as she knows that we are behind the door. She would play with me on the glass window but will hide if I try to get out. I am dying to hold her and keep her inside the house. I want to gain her trust the natural way {without trapping her, which according to the vet is very traumatic for the kitten}. I will patiently wait for the day when she realize we meant no harm. We just want to love her and care for her. We want her to know that her name is "Muning"!

I would love to hear from you on ways how can we can gain her trust sooner. Winter is coming and we want to keep her warm and comfy inside the house.

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