Monday, October 20, 2014

DIY {Do It Yourself} | Fall Centerpiece

Fall colors are at its peak here at home. Almost all of our maple trees are now dressed in bright red, orange and vivid yellow.

I wanted to bring the colors and leaves inside the house so I made these inexpensive fall center pieces yesterday while waiting for my hubby to come home {he's been working for almost 48 hours training nurses and hospital staff on Ebola virus infection control}.

Project #1:

You need:
Small serving tray {use whatever you have in your kitchen}
8 small pumpkins
Fall leaves from the backyard {choose different vibrant colors}
Scented candle jar {again use whatever you have at home, I used my Bergamot woods scentend candle from Bath and Body Works Fall collection}
Ceramic bird figurines {optional, or use any figurines you have : owls, birds, ducks}

Easy Peasy:
1. Place the candle jar in the middle of the tray
2. Put pumpkins around the jar.
3. Embellish with fall leaves and bird figurines.

And voila ....

Project #2

Yuu need:
Small round wood tray {I bought mine from a thrift shop for $1.50}
Mason gar {or any vase}
Bunch of fall flowers
2 small pumpkins
Fall leaves from the backyard

Easy Peasy:
1. Arrange the fall flowers in a mason jar.
2. Place the mason jar on the round tray.
3. Embellish with pumpkins and fall leaves.

As I always say, the kitchen is an excellent source of  materials to decorate our home. It also won't hurt to go outside and bring some of  nature's wonders inside!

Have a fantastic week!

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