Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Our First Christmas at Birdsong {Home for Christmas}

Happy New Year everyone!

The "pixie dust" of the Christmas season is slowly dissipating as everyone tries to get back to the daily grind. I'm sure there are people out there like me who clings on to the Christmas spirit as long as I could. This year is no exception, in fact even more! Hubby and I spent our first Christmas in our new old house. This house, as some of you know was originally called The Rooster's Inn (a former vegan B&B and farm animals sanctuary). Now that this house is simply a home to hubby and I + Muning {A.K.A. Miming, the princess cat} + 15 hens + 2 Muscovy ducks + 1 chukar + 3 nosy chipmunks + 2 bullfrogs and their entire family and last but not the least ... countless birds of different kinds, we decided to rename our home THE BIRDSONG!

The snow came a week or two earlier so it was not a white Christmas this year yet the air smelled like Christmas nonetheless with all the pines on the grounds.

Keeping the spirit of Birdsong, we decorated the trees inside the house with things that are near and dear to our hearts - the creatures who complete our growing "family". Yes, even the nosy chipmunks are represented!

Its been our tradition to wrap gifts together while enjoying  a cup of hot chocolate.

This year at Birdsong was no exception. With Christmas carols playing, we wrapped and tied ribbons on simple gifts but this time Muning joined the fun {well, she tore papers and chased ribbon spools!}

On Christmas eve, we went to our new Parish to celebrate the most important part of  Christmas - "Today is born our Saviour, Christ our Lord. Come Let us adore Him"!

Its no secret that I love to cook. What day is more special to prepare food than Christmas? I also put out some of my "plato-platuhan" to go with the feast ....

It was a holly jolly Christmas morning when we opened our gifts in our jammies! Muning has more gifts than the two of us combined. BUT she ignored them all and still preferred her "tansan" {bottle cap}.

Meanwhile in the La Maison de Poulet, our beloved hens are treated with medley of  fresh cabbage, carrots, apples, celery, corn and barley. 

As a write this post, fresh snow covered the grounds and the temperature dropped to -15. It is cold and windy but my heart is still full of joy and warmth brought by Christmas .... wherever we are, new or old home, big or small, far or near, Christmas is where our family is!

"May the spirit of Christmas be always in our hearts!"


  1. Happy New Year Mei Ann! Is that the cat that was outside and you were trying to gain her trust?

    1. Happy New Year too Lori! Yes, the little (not so anymore) princess is Muning. She finally decided that she wants to live with us inside the house permanently. Its been 2 months and everyday is just a delight. She has us wrapped in her little paws specially my hubby :-)


Thank you for your sweet words.

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