Monday, July 13, 2015

Wet {BUT NOT} WIld

The weekend was lovely! It was sunny and hot on both days so we ended up hanging out by the poolside either enjoying a meal, drinking margarita or swimming. I guess we are not the only one waiting for this summer perfect weather. Our two adopted Muscovy ducks, Katniss and Peeta had a great time in the pond as well. I swear, I can spend a good hour just watching them bathing and having fun in the pond under the willow tree.

Bathing in the pond must be the highlight of these ducks' daily activities. It is more like a ritual if you ask me. As soon as I open the door of their home, they would make that happy sound as if telling me "OMG! what took you so long?". Then they would start the 230-duck-step {yes, I counted it!} journey from their home to the pond.

The first thing they do as soon as they reached their oasis is  quench that thirst brought by the "long" journey. Then Peeta (the white one} would almost always dive into the water while Katniss (the one with the brown highlights} prefers to wait a little bit just in case I have some treat for them. If she realized that the treat will come later she will join her buddy in the water.

These two can stay in the water for hours depending how humid the day is. The best part for me is watching them dry themselves after frolicking in the water. The moment they spread their wings is truly a sight to behold. Truly divine!

Thanks for dropping by .... and spread your wings everyday!

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  1. What a beautiful pair! (and a couple characters too).


Thank you for your sweet words.

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