Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Memories of My {Spring} Peonies

August is just a round the corner. Summer is almost half way through. In my garden,  day lilies, phlox, daisies and coneflowers are in full bloom. The Rose of Sharon are budding telling me that the last batch of summer flowers will come very soon. It seems only yesterday that my lilacs, hyacith and irises were the star of the show. And oh, how can I forget those spring delicate peonies that smelled so sweet and heavenly! 

Still, I remember ....

.... that kind of excitement when I saw the buds starting to blossom.

.... that sigh of relief when most of the buds turned into beautiful blossoms before a heavy spring rainfall!

... that everyday I harvested blooms we can't get enough of, yes even our Muning shared our daily peony fix!

.... that almost all vases in the house were filled with peonies. It was truly a lovely spring and thanks to these gorgeous peonies.

Come September, I will start dividing and replanting some of them to make sure that next spring will once again be as gorgeous, colorful and elegant as these peonies!

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  1. Mei Ann, Thank you for visiting my blog. Your photos of your flowers are gorgeous! Summer in Michigan is so short (more so this summer than ever), and I'm treasuring every bloom I can.


Thank you for your sweet words.

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