Thursday, January 7, 2016

2015 Top 7 Friends Favorite Posts

Hi everyone! As I resume regular programming in all fronts of this little life of mine, I did a review of what has been - things that worked, things that need improvement and things to let go. Here in my blog. I also reviewed posts that friends and readers considered as "favorites". I'm honored that most of these were featured in other blogs!

TOP 7 - Delicious Salmon & Spinach Wellington with Mushroom Mascarpone Herb Sauce

I made this dish when dear hubby was sick and I was so stressed. As they say,  a lot of good things happen out of a dire situation and this is one of them.  This has become a staple here at home specially when friends are visiting. The combination of the warm and flaky salmon and the crunchy pastry surrendering to the richness of the mascarpone sauce is truly delicious! 

TOP 6 - Homemade Basil and Garlic Tomato Sauce

August and September of 2015 were two of the best months here at home. There were buckets and buckets of fresh tomatoes harvested from our vegetable garden. Oh those fresh, juicy, plump and red tomatoes were definitely worth all the hard work n the garden. I still remember how busy the kitchen was! To me, even the most expensive canned tomatoes can't beat the freshness and flavour of this homemade tomato sauce.

TOP 5 - My Love Affair with Afternoon Tea {Tips on Hosting an Afternoon Tea]

Afternoon tea is one of my favorite get-together themes. Whether I am expecting a couple of guests or a dozen, I go all out in preparing the table, the food and of course the teas. To me, sipping warm delicious teas among friends is always an affair to remember.

TOP 4 - Crispy Baked Asparagus

Back in June, I shared this asparagus recipe given to me by one of the farmers at Port Perry Farmers' Market. This appetizer is best served right after taking the asparagus from the oven. It is crispy, tasty and when dipped with aioli, the freshness and tabginess of the lime will balance the saltiness of the Parmesa cheese. Best served with chilled Pinot Grigio.

TOP 3 - Rustic Outdoor Tablescape

From all the tablesacpes I have done so far, this is my personal favorite, hands down! While writing this post, I can see our snow-covered backyard from my working table and I can only wish that summer is just around the corner so we can eat dinner outside on this {if I may say} beautiful and rustic tablescape. Is that too much to ask in January? :-)

TOP 2 - Home for Christmas {2015 Christmas Home Tour]

This is my first home tour post in my blog and I really had a great time preparing our home for Christmas. In the same way, I also enjoyed looking at other bloggers' home tours for the holiday!

TOP 1 - Saving Herbs for Winter Months

Suffice to say that I am reaping the benefits of preserving these precious herbs back in September! Fresh or dried, I have no problem finding oregano, thyme. basil, mint, rosemary and tarragon when I need them for my recipe or two. Everything is either in my freezer in color-coded container {for fresh herbs} or in mason jars in the pantry {for dried herbs}. 

Live creatively, happy and lovely is my mantra this 2016. This blog is not only an avenue for my hobbies and passions in life. Through the years, blogging earned me new friends who share the same interests. This is my PURE BLISS and I hope though my rumblings and amateur photos, friends will continue to get something out of it in the same way that I am learning though others' posts.

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