Friday, January 1, 2016

My 2016 Life Planner

Happy New Year!

The champagne bottle has been popped and enjoyed, the glow and colors of fireworks were now mere memories and the first page of 2016 calendar had been turned. YES, today is page 1 of a 365-page-book called "My Year" - all but blank pages for now but waiting to be filled with daily stories, opportunities, challenges, successes and lessons learned resulting from choices made along the way. For somebody who likes to document these things like me, it is hard to find a planner that suits my needs {oh yeah, I have an iPad, iPhone and a laptop but this girl loves my paper where I can scribble on, paste things on and everything in between}. Since October I was searching for my ideal 2016 planner where I can include work-related appointments, meetings and travels, to do lists, personal life documentations {for project life} and space to write new ideas and recipes for my blog BUT couldn't find one. Since my demands are too many and specific,  I decided to make an all in one 2016 Planner which I named "Epic 2016"!

On a trip to Michaels one rainy Saturday in November, I found what I have in mind. I got an 8x6 Sn@p! Studio photo album and various inserts for my planner.

Each month has a space where I can write my monthly Life Verse, Monthly Goals {I find monthly goals easier to work on than New Year's resolutions}, and end of the month "Lessons Learned".

There's also a monthly spread for work-related appointments, meetings and travels. I also inserted a 8x6 pocket to keep my day-today business-related receipts.

I also got some inserts called "Life Documented" which I find useful for memory keeping of daily surprises, blessings and challenges. This way, it will be easier to put together my Project Life photo album at the end of each month.

There is also a place for my To Do List with various sections like phone calls to make, e-mails to send, shopping to be done, errands to run, etc.

I'm loving the fact that I found inserts for menu planning whenever I  have some home entertaining to do. 

And finally, I included some photo pocket pages which I can use to hold pages of ideas and inspirations torn from magazines in the doctor's waiting room {ooops, did I say that loud?} and of course to hold photos and craft cards.

We make our own life story. I can't wait to fill mine with what this brand new year has to offer. While seizing opportunities and new beginnings both in personal and professional fronts, I might as well sprinkle it with a dash of creativity and a dollop of fun!

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