Sunday, January 29, 2012

A "Do-Over"

Make-over, I am familiar. But a "do-over" is kinda new to me! But I admit it was fun!

I stumbled upon Amber's {a very talented crafter!} blog who is hosting a do-over blog hop. I'm sure every card designer has a "did I do this card?" or "what am I thinking?" moment. I have many of those cards that are hidden at the bottom on drawer - never to be seen again until today! Like this one here....

I can't even remember when I made this one, maybe on a dark and cloudy day :-) thus, the color choices. For the do-over, instead of using patterned paper, I stamped the vines and flowers in pastel colors.

I used the same "thinking of You" sentiment but this time stamped instead of my own handwriting. I love the white ribbon from the original card so I decided not to change it but embellished it pins.

Now this is what I call a real do-over. Thanks Amber, I truly enjoy giving this card a new life.

Have a fantastic work week ahead!
Mei Ann


  1. Beautiful card! (I think the first one is actually really pretty, too.... so cool with your awesome handwriting :)) But the second sure did make me smile with the brilliant fresh background and your gorgeous pin! The colors really ARE fabulous!!

  2. Beautiful stamping! Beautiful colour! And a beautiful do-over! :)


Thank you for your sweet words.

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