Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Songs from the Heart

I just want to share this layout I did last December. Some of my friends and I visited a Nursing Home for Children with special needs and sang carols for the children. The memories of that Saturday afternoon will forever be in my heart. I will never forget the smile on their innocent faces, the rhythmic nodding of their heads and the joyful claps of their tiny hands while we were singing. Because of their conditions, most of the children can't speak, hear nor stand on their own. But as soon as the guitar, tambourines and drums were played to accompany the melodies of Jingle Bells, the children expressed their excitement and happiness in their own special ways.

The words coming from them were incomprehensible but they were so beautiful to hear because these were songs coming straight from their pure hearts. We went there with the intention of giving joy to the little ones but they gave us more than what we gave them!

Since I can't share the pictures of the little angles for privacy reasons, I preserved the memories through this photo which was taken when we were practicing the carols.

Speaking of Christmas carols, while driving to work yesterday morning, my dear hubby asked me if we can start a tradition of singing and/or playing Christmas carols for a week during summertime :-). That we way he said we don't have to wait for another 11 months to hear the wonderful songs of Christmas. Why not? I said. Maybe we can even invite some friends over for a barbeque party and Christmas carols sing-along! Let see what the neighbors will say about this new tradition...

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