Saturday, March 24, 2012

Marigold Blossom made from Cupcake Liner

I first saw this marigold blossom from  Martha Stewart Living sometime ago. I have forgotten about it until yesterday when I saw the Household Challenge from Moxie Fab World and decided to use cupcake liners for this gift bag project.

This is so easy to do....

You will need colored cupcake liners {I used medium size for this project} and twine.

Separate 7 liners from the stack. You can use 2 colors if you want to.

Re-stack the liners you are going to use {if you are using 2 colors of 2 different sizes, place the bigger ones at the bottom} and make 2 holes at the bottom.

Bind the liners together with a twine and make a knot at the back of the liners

Crimp/fold the bottom of each liner to create the blossom.

Viola - the finished blossoms: Notice the yellow-orange blossom which I made by using 4 yellow and 4 orange cupcake liners.

I hope you will have fun doing this as much as I did!

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