Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Plane or Train, that is the Question

Three weeks ago, I needed to go to Ottawa for another work-related travel. Normally I would book a super early flight so I can be in Ottawa in 45 minutes {flying time}, do what I have to do and if I don't need to spend the night for social dinner, I will go back to the airport and fly back to Toronto the same day. Practical, right?

Well, I have to say almost. If I calculate the total travel hours including the taxi ride from my house to the airport and back plus the time spent checking-in to boarding time plus the dreaded security check plus the delays {which is almost always}, to me, it will be more humane to travel by Via Rail to Ottawa. That's what I did and so happy I did it!

Tell you why:

I booked a business class ticket since the super saver business fare is LESS EXPENSIVE than the economy plane fare to Ottawa!

The business class cabin is cozy - the seats are comfortable and definitely more leg room. There is also a section where 4 seats are facing  each other {like Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express} with the big table in the middle that a group can use if you want to conduct a business meeting while on board.


Since I live 15 minutes from the stain station {while a taxi from my place to the airport will cost me $200 both ways!}, I drove my car and parked in the overnight parking area just across the station for free! {again airport parking is $45 overnight}. There's also no need to be in the station an hour before boarding or no security line up to deal with.Unfortunately, the station near my place is under construction  so the current waiting area is quite small and nothing fancy about it. On my way back however, the Ottawa station is spacious and the lounge for business class travelers offers magazines, hot and cold beverages, and comfortable sofas.

Now the FOOD .... they are truly delicious and wine  keeps on coming {during lunch and dinner schedules at least}! On my way to Ottawa, lunch was served and I had spicy tuna roll for appetizer with chardonnay; pasta with creamy ricotta and white truffle sauce {again, red or white wine or both *-* and dessert was coconut cheesecake, Belgian chocolate, coffee or tea and port wine.

On my way back the following morning, hot breakfast was served and I had a choice between cereals, oatmeal or cheese omelet all served with hot croissant, fresh fruits, coffee, tea and juices.

One thing that the train do not offer is the entertainment video or music that I usually enjoy while traveling by plane. HOWEVER, there is free WI-FI so I was able to do some work, answer emails or even blog. AND you can use your phone to text, make phone calls or just do whatever you want with your bazzilion apps  through out the journey!

Of course I can't travel by train all the time considering the distance of some of the places I need to go for work, but at least for Ottawa and Montreal destinations, I am so glad I have this option.

It may not be the Orient Express of Europe or the Palace on Wheels of India yet I still  get to feel how our ancestors traveled in the past while having the benefits of modern technologies on board!

Tut tut tut! All aboard!

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