Monday, April 30, 2012

Week In The Life 2012 - Day 7 {Saturday}

Here we go ..... the last installment of my Week In The Life 2012 project. This is pretty much how we spend our Saturdays here at home sweet home.

Saturday is usually the day we ....

- catch up on sleep. {waking up @ 8:00 AM on weekends is a luxury we can't afford during weekdays}

- cook real breakfast, no make that elaborate breakfast.


- spend longer time in the powder room with a book or newspaper.

- do unwanted chores.

- replenish the pantry.

- run errands.

- try new restaurants.

- drive around.

- experiment/invent new recipe
{this one is a winner - cranberry and walnut couscous with oven roasted Filipino BBQ pork and chicken}


- watch a movie in the comfort of the family room.

It has been an exciting week of capturing our day-to-day life in photos. Looking at others' captured moments from all over the world doing the same project was definitely half the fun. We may be oceans apart and living in different cultures, we are  united by our desire to preserve at least a week of memories spent with our respective families.

Thank you Ali Edwards for sharing this project as well as your beautiful family to the rest of us.

God bless everyone! Until next year!

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