Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bites and Nibbles @ Chako

I'll say it up front ... if you love meat {and I mean lots of meat} and don't mind grilling them yourself, this place is for you!

CHAKO BBQ.Sushi.Izakaya : This is how the reaturant position itself, a three in one sort of thing. But we come here mainly for its grill-and-eat-all-you-can Korean tyle BBQ.

There are 3 branches across GTA but I prefer the ambiance at the Scarborough branch. The dark wood furniture and bold yellow-orange hanging light accents made the place more upbeat and modern with a casual feel.

There's a limited selection of wines and draft beers but they have quite an extensive list of sake {a true Izakaya in that sense!} Once seated, various Korean banchan {small dishes of food or side dishes} will be served on the table. The tofu and seaweeds are my all-time favorites.

Did I mentioned there's a lot of meat? Aside from beef {including short ribs}, you can also have chicken and slices of pork. All the meat came marinated. They are tasty, no doubt but it would have been perfect if they have different kinds of marinades to distinguish the pork from the beef. After sometime, they all taste the same. You can also have squid, salmon, fish and shrimp. A small selection of vegetables are also available.

My hubby can have all the meat but what I truly love at Chako is their kimchi - slightly spiced and a tinge of sweetness. Kimchi + sticky rice + marinated tofu = PURE BLISS!

2190 McNicoll Ave 

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