Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bites and Nibbles @ Debbie's Boutique Café

After a very late Friday night out with hubby, there is nothing more beautiful to my ears than him saying "Let's not prepare lunch, let's just have  brunch outside" the following morning! Out we went and tried Debbie's Boutique Café in Ajax.

We were greeted by Debbie herself  and introduced me to her selection of fine teas. I am sold after that!

The place has an eclectic, homey feel specially the back end area. The tea (I had vanilla and jasmine) was delicious and I really enjoyed the fresh fruit bowl (banana, strawberry. kiwi and apple) topped with Greek yoghourt, crunchy granola and drizzled with pure maple syrup.

I saw a round dining table at the very back of the room decorated with dainty tea cups. Maybe I will book this table one afternoon with some girlfriends for an afternoon tea!

On the glass counter was a great selection of cupcakes, squares and tempting tarts. I almost gave in to the temptations but decided to reserve them for our next visit - maybe an after dinner treat on a Friday night.

 Debbie's Boutique Café
94 Harwood Avenue South
Ajax, Ontario

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  1. Mie Ann! THANK YOU so much! What a lovely article :)

    You are WONDERFUL :)



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