Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Kind of Store : St. Lawrence Market

Once, I chanced upon  an article entitled 'It's Always Market Day Somewhere" where the author shared her love for visiting various markets around the world. Every place from all corners of the world has something to offer - from the fruits of the field to the jewels of the sea and everything in between. I felt the writer's passion about markets for the simple reason that I love going to markets myself.

It started many moons ago. While other kids my age found joy in  going to candy stores, I am drawn to wet markets. I remember tagging along with my mom or my paternal grandma Lola Tacing every weekend in various markets for fresh produce, seafood, meat, and sweets. I was fascinated by how serious the discussions were over a piece of meat or a kind of fish that will go well with a particular dish. The sweet scent along the fruit isle when "langka" {jackfruit} is in season will forever be part of my sensory treasures.

As an adult, my fascination for markets is more alive than ever. Traveling to various places around the world added fuel to my passion. When in town, I will always find a reason or two to visit one of the best markets I've been to - the St. Lawrence Market in the heart of Toronto.

On Saturdays, this place is a shopping mecca for foodies - antipasti, cheese, jams, fresh oyters and even free wine tasting from Peller Estates Winery {their Private Reserve Baco Noir is good}.

Searching for game meats or turtle meat for your recipe?

Sometimes I wonder if there is market in heaven. If none, I'm glad I am enjoying my "piece of heaven" on earth. And I am even more thankful that it is always market day somewhere!

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