Thursday, May 29, 2014

Where in the World : Eat, Shop, and Play at St. Jacobs Country

One thing I love about spring is the opening of Farmers' Markets in most rural towns. Last Saturday, the weather is perfect for an outdoor adventure so we drove to St. Jacobs Country, the home of Canada's largest Farmers' Market. As expected, farm-fresh produce from local and Old Order Mennonite farmers are bountiful and enticing for all types of foodies. 

For plants enthusiasts like my hubby, the market didn't disappoint - plenty of herbs and ornamental annual and perennial favorites as well as some rare species. 

Feeling hungry while shopping? No worries! There's a lot to choose from. Food booths are available inside the main market while food trucks are lined outside where picnic table and live music are provided.

See St. Jacobs Farmers' Market days and hours of operation here.

Not far from the farmers' market is the St. Jacobs village where boutiques, restaurants, cafes and specialty stores are located. The main street {King Street}is always busy with tourists and locals transported in the area by either modern vehicles or horse-drawn-buggies.

Before heading home, we passed by the historical West Montrose Covered Bridge {Kissing Bridge} crossing the Grand River. This bridge is the last wooden covered bridge in Ontario and one of the very few remaining in Canada. Always picture perfect!

Helpful Addresses:

  • St. Jacobs Farmers' Market { 78 Weber St. North Waterloo Ontario}
  • Timber Barn {8 Spring Street St. Jacobs Ontario}
  • West Montrose Covered Bridge - {Covered Bridge Drive West Montrose Ontario}
Have a safe trip!

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  1. Hey, interesting to discover another Ontario blogger. Been to St. Jacob's many times.


Thank you for your sweet words.

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