Friday, May 30, 2014

Project Life : Week Fourteen

Continuing with Project Life : Now on Week 14!

For this week spread, I used a couple means to write my journal. First, I made use of a blank wall space on the photo {1st photo below. When I was editing the photo, I was inspired by the glow from the lamp highlighting the blank wall so I used the space to highlight a thought.

On the second photo, I used left over strips of colored stock from a previous card project and took my forgotten old paper punch to embellish my otherwise plain journal card. Instantly, I have a matching journal cards from recycled papers!

What do you do if you have photos you want to include on your spread that are not picture perfect for some reasons? I have one here that I almost discarded - the photo has "accidental" photobombers☺. The easiest way to remove it is to cut the photo into a 3x4 size, but doing that will lose what I want to capture - the sweet treats I made for my friend's birthday. So instead of cutting, I edited the picture by adding the faded circle in apple green to cover the "bombers" and typed the event on it. I love how it turned out!

Have a fantastic weekend and capture those precious memories!

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