Saturday, August 1, 2015

Early Morning with Coneflowers and Butterflies

Every single day, early in the morning before I go to work, my routine goes like this ..... bring Muning {our cat who thinks she's a princess!} outside to her enclosed playpen for some morning sun,  let Katniss and Peeta {our Muscovy ducks} out of their duck house, feed the "girls" {our chickens} and collect eggs from the coop, visit my veggie garden to either water the crops, pluck weeds or harvest whatever is ready for harvest, finally spend some quiet time in my meditation garden.

Surrounded by colorful and fragrant flowers and green bushes, this is where I can be still and enjoy God's gifts. Everyday is different and beautiful. This particular morning, red admiral butterflies are feeding on coneflowers. What a sight to behold! .... and .... "In moments like this, I sing out a song, I sing out a love song to Jesus!"

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