Thursday, August 13, 2015

Chamomile/Manzanilla ... from Garden to Gift

Grow my own chamomile for tea .... checked off my bucket list! 

It took a little over four weeks from the time I planted my very first German chamomile herb to the first harvest. With direct sunlight, regular watering and a little composted fertilizer, I now have small jar of dried chamomile flowers in my pantry and more to come as the plant continues to bear flowers.

Here are some tips in collecting and drying chamomile flowers ....

To get the full flavour of chamomile, harvest the flowers as soon as they are fully open.
Collect the flowers around noon when it is hot and dry. You don't want any moisture {or dew} on the flower to prevent rotting.
Some include a bit of stem when they harvest but I prefer just the flower head which I pick one by one.
Inspect the flowers or shake carefully so that any dust or insect that may be stuck inside will be filtered out.

Place the flowers in a pan, uncovered and in a dry place and let it sit for several days.
Once dry, save the flowers in a sealed container {I saved mine in a small mason jar}.

Since there are more flowers to harvest in the coming days, I decided to share my first harvest to a dear friend who loves tea as much as I do. I took some materials from the craft room {a small piece of patterned paper, jute twine and tag} and made a nice package. And .... viola!

Who would not want to get this "gift" from the garden?

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  1. Mei Ann,
    Will you be sharing how to make this a drinkable tea? I hope so ;-)

    1. Thanks for dropping by Lori! I've been enjoying this chamomile tea sine I dried them. A post on how to make them into tea is a good idea! Cheers!

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