Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pioneer Day ... {Stepping Back in Time}

Hubby and I love things that are old. Not necessarily those very expensive antiques, just simple things that carries so much character. We find it hard to get rid of things at home that have seen the best of their times. Let's just say that the older they are, the better. 

This weekend, we had a great time walking the grounds of Scugog Shore Museum for the annual Pioneer Day. It was like we stepped back in time when life was devoid of complicated gadgets and gizmos. When there was no such thing as "just a click away". When days were not rushed. When work was about hard labour. And when communities were about the farmers, the blacksmith, the weaver, the teacher and the baker.  

Here's a peek of the village during the late 1800's ....

For old souls like us, this was a treat .... young bloods, old souls, open hearts and free mind!

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  1. Aahh...the good 'ole days. Sounds like a wonderful day you had exploring. Thanks for sharing the pictures.


Thank you for your sweet words.

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