Saturday, January 24, 2009


Thanks to Number1AnimationFan for the video.

I just love this song. I even wrote my own version....

Happiness is a hug from my husband.

Reading a good book.

Shopping for teas.

Happiness is scrapping till morning.

Uploading a layout for the very first time.

Happiness is making some cards for families and friends.

And happiness is walking hand in hand.

Happiness is my father and mother.

Oatmeal with honey.

Singing a song.

Happiness is five patterned papers.

Wishing they are mine.

My wish coming true.

“Happiness is being alone every now and then.

And happiness is coming home again”.

Happiness is having a sister.

Sharing a wardrobe.

Getting along.

Happiness is praying together

When day is through.

And happiness is those who pray with you.

“Happiness is morning and evening,

Daytime and night time too.

For happiness is anyone and anything at all

That’s loved by you”!

So many little things to make us happy. Most of them are free.

Stay Happy,

1 comment:

  1. I love the song you created sis.So meaningful.And you are right.Happiness is the simple things we often overlooked.


Thank you for your sweet words.

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